04 May Are You Into Mindfulness?

I stumbled across a very interesting event last weekend – a Triathlon that was not about competitive running, biking and swimming, but instead about mindfulness. The Wanderlust Festival was in town, based at the Santa Monica Pier. The festival features an unusual triathlon of three events, a 5K run, mindful meditation and yoga. In addition there is music, teaching and discussion. The Los Angeles event was sold out. A crowd of hundreds attended.

The event is a manifestation of the growing trend of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a reaction to our fast paced, often stressful world. It is all about being aware in the present moment and is associated with mindful meditation. There are proven health benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation and major healthcare organizations such as UCLA Health and Kaiser Permanente are recommending the practice to patients.

You can get more information on the Wanderlust Festivals at http://wanderlust.com/festivals/, and check out UCLA Health’s Mindfull Awareness Research Center, and free guided meditations here: http://marc.ucla.edu/

–Mark Capper

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