25 Dec Product Innovation


An athletic equipment brand was seeking a way to take their water bottles and hydration products to the next level. They were seeking opportunities to evolve their existing product line as well as create breakthrough innovation.

Kompas Strategy used an ethnographic approach to uncover product ideas and opportunities. We partnered with their design firm, assuring that the designers were involved in every step of the process.

We focused on consumers who were frequent users of water bottles and hydration products, but were dissatisfied with the current product options in the store. Respondents were given an assignment in advance of the ethnography, where they logged their experiences using existing products during their favorite activities. They then recorded their complaints with these existing products. In the final stage, they created imaginary ideal experiences, conveying how they would ideally hydrate during their activities.

During further ethnographic observation and interviews, Kompas identified how hydration products must ideally perform to support their activity, provide the desired drinking experience and satisfy emotional and image needs. We explored a set of emergent and existing products to understand and gather perceptions on aesthetics, performance and user experience.

Kompas Strategy provided the organization with numerous opportunity areas and insights for innovative new products, as well as improvements to existing products. Instead of providing a typical research report, Kompas Strategy provided a set of design briefs that brought to life each of the opportunities, including performance, aesthetic and user experience needs. This document successfully guided the design team in the development of their new products.

Kompas Strategy