08 Oct Advertising Through Social Media: Facebook vs. Twitter

In an age where we aggressively hit the zero button on our phones in hopes to bypass the automated services of a company we are having issues with and attempting to connect with a real person, one would think that businesses would realize that people don’t want to deal with a robot. It’s basic knowledge that the majority would much rather have a more direct and personal connection. Nevertheless, companies such as Facebook with their new Kenshoo social program, are still attempting to find new ways to market to consumers through technology and not through personal interaction.

It’s proven that consumers don’t appreciate feeling as though their privacy is being invaded and used against them. Therefore, places such a Facebook, is not the best marketing method to turn heads. It may attract a handful of people to your website or product but what should be focused on is the long term: a larger and more loyal audience. Despite this information seeming like common knowledge, it still doesn’t stop companies from heavily investing in these ads. What needs to be asked here though, is it really worth the money spent?

Companies are realizing that social media platforms such as Twitter are rapidly becoming the better option for their advertising. For example, Twitter allows businesses to sign up for free and do something incredibly basic that has a greater impact than a paid service: provide engaging and personal customer service.

Twitter allows brands to promote themselves but also to involve their consumer. People can follow their favorite companies/brands, ask them questions and have those questions answered. Being able to have that personalized interaction does wonders for companies because this creates a relationship between brand and consumer. This strategy will ensure a more loyal consumer audience.

Through Twitter people have learned that some companies even have a fun sense of humor:


Taco Bell Tweets


This level of interaction brings a whole new appreciation to Taco Bell as a company and a brand. They have put a voice to their brand thus creating an identity. It’s almost as if the brand becomes a person. Not just any person but a fun person. A person someone wants to stay connected to and have a future relationship with. As if Taco Bell wasn’t a well known name already, this funny response and several others from the company went viral, thus only spreading the company name and popularity even further. All of this was done without having to pay for a service that has robots send out your message to people who may or may not be interested.  So ask yourself this, which social media platform do you think is offering more to companies? Is your company and/or brand making these connections?



Written by Aleece Reynaga, Marketing Assistant

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