20 Dec It’s 12:21 on 12/20/12…Do You Know Where Your Brand Is?

It’s the “Eve of the Apocalypse,” if you are to believe the most negative of interpretations regarding the end of the Mayan calendar. Other schools of thought interpret the meaning as a “new beginning.”

Regardless of the absence of any global catastrophe or otherwise significantly all-encompassing events, and regardless of any actual historic or mystical accuracy or inaccuracy of the actual date, the true significance of the concept could be that it IS a new beginning if you MAKE it one.

Consider leaving behind the detritus of negative energy that has plagued our economy and, in turn, our collective psyche for the better part of the past decade. Consider moving forward without the burden of belief that things will continue to be difficult, cruel, and ugly.

Recent random acts of violence across the globe have seemed to hit a crescendo. Economic and political trends seem poised to turn the other direction. The new year, just around the corner, offers hope and positive change. However, the timing of December 21 seems to be better placed to start this “new beginning,” offering the framing of the holidays, the support of family, and the time off necessary to process what forms this new beginning will take, and what strategies we will need to be effective.

Perhaps we should stop what we are doing right now, take a moment to fully understand where we are, what we are doing, and where we have come to at this point in time. Then start to create a clear image of where we want to go when tomorrow comes. What will we strive for? What will we do differently? How will we get there?

The same will hold true for the people, things, and tasks in our charge. In order to exact real change, we will have to strategize plans for the real world. We will need to apply similar strategies for the products, services, brands, people and things that we shepherd.

Here’s to the end of the past, and the beginning of the future.

– Jim Lucich

Kompas Strategy