14 Feb Products and Brands the Kompas Staff Love

Mark’s brand of choice: Michigan State University

Ok, ok, most people love their undergraduate university, especially when the football team and basketball team are winning, but Michigan State University is doing something more for their graduates. Two years ago, the University created the motivational “Spartans Will” rallying cry that goes beyond the cheers of the football field and connects with Spartans as they face the biggest challenges in their lives. The campaign does a great job of pivoting from the University’s success on the gridiron and hard court into a motivational movement for all graduates. The campaign states, “Every day more than 500,000 Spartans around the world rise to practically every challenge imaginable, proving again and again that Spartans Will.” There have been many great executions of this campaign over the past 2 years, and all are highly inspirational, a much needed lift at a time when the city of Detroit is in bankruptcy, and many cities in Michigan are facing employment problems far worse than the U.S. average. For many college grads, their undergraduate experience is strongly meaningful, and connects deeply with their self-identity. The Spartans Will campaign connects to the self identity of alumni, and provides deeply grounded inspiration to get them through difficult times, and to push them forward.

Christine’s product of choice: Vitamix
I love the Vitamix because in the last five years I’ve drastically changed my lifestyle and it became the perfect tool to fit my new cooking and eating needs. It’s now an essential part of my kitchen. It’s not just a kitchen appliance that prepares your daily smoothie, but it’s also an essential tool to help prepare all of your meals. Vitamix prides itself on being a brand that is trusted, versatile, and of high quality — and we wouldn’t argue with that. On top of being a great kitchen appliance, it’s also incredibly easy to use and clean. Who doesn’t like a product that makes life easier?

Aleece’s brand of choice: Dove
Dove is a brand I love because their mission is to connect with people and enhance their lives for the better. In 2004, Dove introduced the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, which has sent out positive messages regarding embracing oneself for who you are and providing a platform for society to change the conversation regarding female beauty. The ten-year old campaign has produced several positive and thought-provoking videos that have gone viral over social media showing just how the brand is hands on in creating the positive vision they seek. It also helps that their products are gentle on the skin and have a positive reputation

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