20 Aug Using Innovation Tools and Design Thinking to Create Better Strategy Roadmaps

The Strategic Roadmapping is a graphical process of aligning an organization’s technological capabilities to assure it meets future goals. We believe the Roadmapping process is very useful and important for communicating and aligning the organization, but in itself, does very little in helping companies create more innovative and effective strategy.  It is the plans and initiatives that make up the Roadmap that make all the difference. An effective Roadmap should include initiatives that will inspire and transform the business, and prepare the business to succeed into the future.

The strategic planning process is much more effective when an innovation process is conducted prior to Roadmapping. It is important the innovation process is inspired through new knowledge and perspective on the future. “Foresight,” or marketing insight into the future should be used to inspire and inform an innovation process that includes key managers and creative thinkers from inside and outside the organization. These innovation sessions will yield a set of projects and initiatives that can truly transform the organization.


Foresight is developed through the Future Scenario process, a mind expanding market insight process used by many leading organizations to understand and prepare for the future. The Future Scenarios are developed through a research process that acknowledges that although we cannot precisely predict the future, we can express the future we’d like to see which opens the minds of managers to multiple, plausible ways the future may play out.

Guided by the insights generated through the Future Scenario development, the innovation process will almost always lead to breakthrough thinking, and a richer and more complete set of forward thinking initiatives and programs.

To complete the loop, the ultimate set of programs and initiatives to be placed on the Roadmap are thus determined through analyzing the fit with business strategy, and vetted by vision we have of the future generated through the Future Scenario process.

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