20 Feb Marketing Efficiency

Unless you are Capital One’s “Anti Cash-Back Baby,” you probably want to make your research dollar go farther. This is the message that we are hearing from several of our new clients who had been working with large, global marketing research companies and agencies.

Today managers are moving away from the large, global research agencies they typically deal with. They are seeking smaller, more efficient consumer research agencies that can conduct high quality quantitative and qualitative research at a lower cost. They no longer believe these agencies are actually more efficient than smaller agencies.

Managers are realizing the large agency teams that are assigned to their account are far from the senior people who are thought leaders within the agency. These junior marketing researchers apply the “cookie cutter” approaches standardized by their agency with little regard for what they really need. The result is long, cumbersome marketing research reports that miss the mark and are rarely useful.

Kompas Strategy is a small and efficient marketing research and strategy agency. We can often do projects at a lower rate than the large agencies. We first understand how clients will use the insight we generate, and we deliver results in a way that meets their needs. Because we have worked on the client side, we understand the big picture within their organization. We are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research and understand branding, channel marketing, retail, product development and innovation.

– Mark Capper, President

Kompas Strategy