08 Jan Your Marketing Insight 2013: Key Guidelines to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing Day 2

Yesterday we posted the first blog in a series on integrated marketing through digital and traditional channels. Today we will continue the theme and discuss how to develop a strategy and message for each channel. The strategy and message is unique to your category and brand, so there is not likely to be an off the shelf solution. When you are done you will have a plan in place that will include what channels work for your target. Here we go:

2. Create a Strategy for Each Communication Channel

Understand your brand’s unique digital “purchase funnel.” We conduct one on one interviews or group interviews with consumers who are targets of the brand. Because the most credible insight is based on past behavior, we ask them to walk us through their customer journey when approaching the category. We may even have consumers create a diary for us. We also ask consumers projective questions about each type of media. For example, we might ask “What types of companies would engage with their customers on Facebook?” and “What value would customers receive from this engagement?” This helps us understand what media is a fit for the category and brand, and what role does that media play.

Some channels may not be a fit for your brand. Our client in the financial industry would be wasting their time on Facebook marketing, Twitter and Pinterest. We know this because we asked their target consumers what social media they are using, and what their impressions are of companies that would use each communication channel.

We know that SEO and Paid Search usually work best when consumers are seeking to make a transaction on line, but Paid Search can also be used as a tool for developing brand awareness in a category where there is relevant search activity.

We also need to begin to understand what are the key elements of the message for each channel. The message must tie into the strategy. In some cases we may be focused on brand awareness, and in other cases we may be focused on building a social media following that can be maintained and leveraged for referrals or converted to sales. Not only must the message tie into the strategy, but they must connect to the consumer in a meaningful way. Success in the digital space is determined by engagement, and consumer simply will not engage with things that do not connect with them in a meaningful way.

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